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OpenSciEd Partners with Kendall Hunt Publishing

October 25, 2019

By: Kendall Hunt

We are excited to announce we have been chosen as the manufacturing and distribution partner for OpenSciEd, a leader in the science Open Education Resource space.

Currently, the OpenSciEd middle school units are being field tested by over 200+ teachers with over 5,000 students using the materials in 100 districts across 10 states. The first three units were released on Aug. 15, 2019, and the rest of the units will be completed three at a time with all 18 available by winter 2022.

These unit materials are readily available and free at OpenSciEd. Print materials, including student and teacher resources are available for purchase through Kendall Hunt.

Kendall Hunt publishes hands-on science, mathematics and supplemental/gifted textbooks and digital curriculum, including a virtual reality offering. Earlier this year, Kendall Hunt partnered with Illustrative Mathematics providing free access to 6-12 open educational resources digital math curriculum and offering professional development opportunities and print materials. Kendall Hunt has worked with BSCS Science Learning for over 20 years publishing various science textbooks. BSCS is the lead institution in the OpenSciEd Developers Consortium, responsible for the overall coordination of development and field testing.

“It is a privilege to provide schools with science instructional materials that combine the expertise of a world class development consortium and the wisdom of current teachers, administrators, and state leaders, “said Jim Ryan, Executive Director of OpenSciEd.

“It is OpenSciEd’s objective to lower as many barriers as possible for teachers and students to engage with college and career ready science standards. For that reason, in addition to providing free digital access of OpenSciEd materials, our partnership with Kendall Hunt provides high quality print student and teacher books at extremely attractive prices,” Ryan added.

“Kendall Hunt is pleased to enter this partnership with OpenSciEd,” said Kendall Hunt K-12 Vice President Charley Cook. “Providing quality educational curricula and resources is of the utmost importance to Kendall Hunt. We take pride in not only developing textbooks and digital resources of this caliber, but through partnerships with non-profits and other companies offering curriculum with competitive pricing through our manufacturing and distribution channels,” he adds.

OpenSciEd was launched in 2018 as a nonprofit to address the need among teachers and school districts for high-quality, open-source, full-course science instructional materials, as well as to support the implementation of middle school science instructional units as a result of the adoption of the National Research Council’s document, A Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). For more information, visit