Employee Spotlight: Kim Cueno | KendallHunt

Employee Spotlight: Kim Cueno

April 19, 2017

By: Kendall Hunt

Grab your popcorn, open the curtains, and get ready for a show because it’s employee spotlight time! Who’s this month’s star? None other than Kim Cueno!

Kim is an Administrative Assistant in Kendall Hunt’s Higher Education Division. She further explains, “I support ten author Account Managers.  I assist them with the day-to-day managing and supporting many of our authors.”

Kim reveals she loves having the ability to actually speak with the authors and get to know them beyond a chain of emails. In addition to the authors, Kim loves the people that make up Kendall Hunt. She explains, “I love being a part of this company. It is a fabulous place to be affiliated with and connected to.  I started out in publishing in 1974. Here we are in 2017 and here I (still) am.”

If that doesn’t show you how much Kim loves her job, check this out. She even said, “I love coming into work on Monday, always have.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Kim also enjoys cleaning. She says, “I love to clean.  Imagine.  My kids always said it was a curse, but it is relaxing for me.” You don’t come around Monday or cleaning enthusiasts too often, people! Although, she would like us to clarify that no, she is not taking on any clients right now! 

Beyond work and cleaning, family time is Kim’s biggest priority. Married to her husband, Mark, Kim has three daughters, three son-in-laws, and six grandchildren. If the three daughters and son-in-laws are reading this, Kim subtly added she wouldn’t hate to have a few more grandchildren… (you’re welcome Kim). Whether she’s golfing, reading, working, or spending quality time with her family, Kim seems to find joy in all she does.

We’re fortunate to have you, Kim! Now go sprinkle that Monday positivity throughout the office.