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Employee Spotlight: Bob Largent

February 8, 2017

By: Kendall Hunt

Kicking off our 2017 employee spotlight is Bob Largent. Bob is a Senior Author Account Manager in the Higher Education Division.  Born and raised in East Dubuque, he graduated from East Dubuque High School in 1993 and Clarke University in 1997 with a degree in marketing. In his position at Kendall Hunt, Bob manages the accounts of current authors in the states of Michigan, New England area, and Utah, Idaho, and Montana. 

Bob further explains, “I speak and meet with my authors multiple times throughout the year to make sure they are happy and that the product they initially developed with Kendall Hunt is still meeting their needs and the needs of their students.”

Though many could find the continuously changing industry that is publishing an obstacle, Bob finds it stimulating, engaging, and is not afraid to take the leap. He says, “The publishing world is changing all of the time so you cannot become complacent.  Times are changing and you have to change with the times.” 

In addition to the challenging variety of tasks, Bob enjoys the valuable relationships he has formed through the collaborative Kendall Hunt environment. He shares, “You also get to form relationships with people you have never met.  My colleagues are wonderful to work with, too.  I would say that even though they are considered colleagues, they are more like family to me.  The people I work with are such a close-knit group of people that they are just fun to be around, would do anything for you, and we have each other’s back. You develop friendships that will last a lifetime.  I have been with Kendall Hunt for 17 years and they have treated me well.”

Although his work contribution is highly valued, Bob has a lot more to offer beyond office hours. In fact, Kendall Hunt even has a celebrity in our midst. Bob reveals, “Some people know this and some people don’t, but I was on a TV game show called The Singing Bee.  It was a karaoke game show on CMT for a few years.  I was on there in 2012, which happened to be the last year it aired.”

Most importantly, he adds, “Oh, I won the show I was on, too.”

Beyond his appearance on national television, Bob is also a husband, grandfather, dog owner, volunteer fireman, member of the Knights of Columbus, bartender, golfer, bowler, and avid fan of The Young & the Restless.

With that long of a hobby list, you’d imagine the guy to be running around frantically. However, Bob casually replies, “It isn’t that bad. My weeks can get pretty busy.”

Pretty busy indeed, but we at Kendall Hunt appreciate your hard work and positive attitude. Thanks for sharing, Bob!