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Discovering Mathematics Series Receives EdReports Top Ratings

May 20, 2019

By: Kendall Hunt

We are proud to announce that our high school Discovering Mathematics series received top ratings on EdReports. The Discovering Mathematics series includes Discovering Algebra (Algebra 1), Discovering Advanced Algebra (Algebra 2), and Discovering Geometry.

“We are proud to have Kendall Hunt’s Discovering Mathematics series meet expectations in EdReports’ criteria for all three Gateways – Focus & Coherence; Rigor & Mathematical Practices and Usability,” said Kendall Hunt K-12 Vice President Charley Cook. “We value the mission of EdReports and understand the rankings showcase trusted sources when it comes to high-quality, full course curriculum, so Kendall Hunt’s Discovering Mathematics inclusion is a wonderful feeling,” Cook added.

The Discovering series incorporates problem solving, real-world applications, conceptual understanding and mathematics as sense making. When given the opportunity to be actively involved in their own discovery of mathematics, students become better problem solvers and develop a deeper understanding of the concepts. Scientific research supports these pedagogical approaches, which are central to this series. 

With Discovering Algebra, students solve problems, make sense of complex situations, and develop mathematical skills in a meaningful and retrievable way. Written to the CCSS, its strength lies in the way it connects mathematical content and practices.

Discovering Geometry helps students develop inductive and deductive reasoning skills by creating conjectures, and reporting and justifying conclusions as they explore the principles of geometry. Congruence, similarity, and symmetry are studied from the perspective of geometric transformation to create connections within the mathematics.

Discovering Advanced Algebra builds upon the foundation of Discovering Algebra to help all learners further develop algebraic skills along with a strong, conceptual understanding of Algebra 2. The investigative approach keeps students engaged as they use mathematical functions to model real-world data, answer questions, and make predictions.

EdReports is an independent nonprofit that brings together expert educators to produce evidence-rich reviews of instructional materials. The mission of EdReports is to increase the capacity of teachers, administrators, and leaders to seek, identify, and demand the highest-quality instructional materials.

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